Digital Surrealism Approach

--- Let's begin it! ---


The surrealism has become famous by modern artists as Mr. Picasso and so on. The surrealism lets us have any possibility for another expression of a scene as a picture. One possibility might be another method for mapping a 3D object to a picture in 2D. One possibility might map objects in 4D (including time and space) to a picture. Then, major possibility tried by artists maps object in more than 4D (maybe, adding an artist's feelings axis and so on) to a visible picture in 2D or to a statue in 3D.
Today, you and I can use a computer for processing graphics. Fortunately, we also can use convenient tools as QuickTime VR Authoring Tools, 3D modeling tools and so on. So, I try to find any possibility of new expressions for objects in the multi-dimensional world, by using freely them. Now, I believe that any new method will be in modern artists' expressions based on the surrealism.

The above simple panorama picture was made
with ExpressionTools Shade III Ver. 1.2 and so on.


Copyright (C) 1996. Hirofumi Inomata and its licensors All right reserved.