Alias|Wavefront TiPiT v1.5 for Maya Composer

3D from 2D Image-based Rendering Technique




TiPiT(TM) provides a new image-based rendering technique for use with Maya Composer. Using the plug-in, animators can create a fly through animation from a single 2D image or photograph. TiPiT can also be used to create the popular "dead-time" effect (camera moving while all other motion in the scene is frozen) from a single frame of film or video. Now you can create an architectural walk through from a single rendered image; recreate the 3D feeling of a famous location with a single photograph; or develop a unique animation with a distinctive look from a painting or single frame of film. With TiPiT, a simple scene model is easy created from the 2D image which separates foreground element from the background. A camera path through these elements is defined by the animator, and the software calculates the animation. Easy-to-understand camera functions like zoom, pan, track, and dolly simplify the animation process. TiPiT also takes advantage of all Maya Composer functions to provide complete creative control over each element in the scene. The TiPiT plug-in for Composer provides you with the unique ability to extend a 2D image into a 3D animation which provides the viewer with a virtual "tour into the picture."


以下に、TiPiT v1.0から改善された主な機能について列挙する。これは、マイナーアップグレーですが、大きく変わっています。TiPiT v1.5では、可能な限り、v1.0の課せられた制限事項の多くから、解放されている。

新機能1: リージョンの重なり合いをサポート

新機能2: リージョンの改善

新機能3: レンダリングアルゴリズムの改善

新機能4: コンポーザスクリプトファイルのサポート

新機能5: GUIの改善

新機能6: カメラ設定の改善

新機能7: TiPiTの複数挿入

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